Message board stating “Don’t be afraid to reject someone’s disbelief in you. Ibtihaj Muhammad.

Those words struck me so hard, and so unexpectedly,

Being the person that I was back then, I took it overwhelmingly

It was from someone I considered, at the time, a close friend.

What I stood for was something a close friend not only condemned

But used as means to advise for me to get help

Since I was on a dangerous path, or so they felt.

“The last few months I’ve seen the steps you’ve taken towards radicalization,

And it worries me” they said with absolutely no hesitation.

“The road domestic terrorists go down

Is the same road you’re…

A recent discussion with an old friend from high school made me think about how, although Islam is the third largest religion in the US, Muslims make up only 1.1% of the population. When I first found this out, it surprised me- I knew that I lived in a state with a lot of the country’s Muslims, but I never thought that it would literally be around 1%. Looking at the percentage of Indians in the US as an Indian Muslim myself, 1.2%, I’m sure that the intersection between the two is far smaller in magnitude. …

The little girl was trapped between two large, and thick slabs of concrete and was caked in dust and soot. I saw her the moment just before the air strike landed. She was frollicking with a little red dress beside her mother, her blonde pigtails bounced back and forth. The girl couldn’t have been more than 6 years old. Her mom was wearing a plain black dress that draped her arms and legs. Their hands were interlocking lovingly, and tenderly before it all happened. Now, I saw the mother’s arm on the other side of the street with a black…

Duck, Duck, Goose! And our goose stands up and is on the run.

But instead of chasing the previous tagger, they just take the opportunity to run away.

They were stuck following one version of civility — sitting in a circle, and when they’re allowed to run, they really run.

We’ve all been there, and some of us are there right now. At a point of constancy and circular routines. Others of us have gone back and forth from the familiar circle to the world outside. …


I’m guessing most of us paid no heed to this ten letter word before March of 2020. It was the word we saw in movies. The situation we read about in history textbooks when plague hit.

So you can imagine this generation’s surprise — the generation that was so used to going out, spending time with friends, sitting in a classroom, working outdoors — when a lockdown was imposed, a state of emergency called. In the Kubler-Ross grief cycle, shock comes first and denial comes second. A lot of us were stuck in phase two for a large chunk…

Have you ever been homesick?”

What is home but a feeling of reassurance,

and if it is that as I know it is.

I’ve been homesick my whole life.

There’s nothing like the conviction that you live,

not to live but to survive,

that you smile not to be happy,

but to fit the mold,

that you stay in the here and now,

not because you want to,

but because it is easier on others and what they are familiar with.

And after all this,

there is nothing more sorrowful than to know what home looks and feels like,

and turn your back on it,

because it is easier for home if you let it go.

Submissions RU-MSA

Student-run blog by the Muslim community at Rutgers University-New Brunswick

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